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Policies at Nirvana Comics Knoxville

Service as It Should Be

Nirvana Comics is the place to come and be yourself. No matter if you're new to comics or a collector. We pride ourselves in creating a safe atmosphere, no matter who you are. We appreciate when you step into Nirvana Comics, you treat everyone with respect and have fun!

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Let's Talk Spec Books

Hey y’all!
With the market changing and speculation books starting to pop up again, we thought it would be a good idea to codify our policy regarding surge pricing and speculation in order to provide you with a fun and fair comic shop experience.
Recently several new releases were selling for WAY over cover price online. We usually refer to this as a spec book. People will buy the book for cover price and flip it online for double or triple the cost.
There is nothing wrong with this, several of us got our start in the industry like this. But it does put the comic shop in a tough spot. How do we be fair to our customers who are just wanting to collect/ read a book, resellers, and ourselves? Bottom line we don’t ever want to increase a price on New Comic Day.
Moving forward this will be our policy in the event of spec pricing.
Books will be limited to one per customer and will never be above cover price on New Comic Day.
Subscribers who do not pull a spec title in advance will be able to purchase the title at cover price for 7 days.
Subscribers who pull this title will receive the book for cover price and will be able to receive 2 copies as quantity allows.
Pulling these titles before FOC will guarantee your quantities in the event of multiple pulls.
Non Subscribers-
Spec titles will be limited to one per person and will ALWAYS be covered price on New Comic Day.
1- 2 day after release the spec title will be HALF the current market price.
After 3 days the book will be priced at the current market price.
This will be our policy moving forward, if you have any questions feel free to message us!

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